On 18 September 2005 Dr Gustav Paulay of the Florida Museum of Natural History and Dr Alex Kerr of the University of Guam were awarded a PEET program grant from the USA NSF to undertake an integrative taxonomic revision of aspidochirotid sea cucumbers, train a new generation of aspidochirotid taxonomists and liberate the generated information and knowledge to the scientific community.

To achieve this task, the so-called Aspidochirote Working Group (AWG) - an international team of taxonomists specialised in aspidochirotid sea cucumbers - was installed. This working group operates on a highly cooperative basis whereby selected members assume the responsibility over one or several specific tasks. The Belgian leg of the AWG for instance accepted the responsibility to, i.a., track down type specimens across European museums.

This website gives an overview of the activities of the Belgian partners and liberates some of their first results.