pdf optimum oil yield from egyptian seeds using screw press

(PDF) Optimum oil yield from Egyptian Jatropha seeds

Optimum oil yield from Egyptian Jatropha seeds using screw press Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering 17(1):47-56

(PDF) Optimum Oil Yield from Egyptian Jatropha Seeds

There is heavy dependence on fossil fuels for energy production. These are not only depletable but also are the main cause of emissions and global warming. Renewable energy and biofuels can play significant role in this concern. This research is

Optimum Oil Yield from Egyptian Jatropha Seeds Using

Corpus ID: 198974113. Optimum Oil Yield from Egyptian Jatropha Seeds Using Screw Press @inproceedings{Ibrahim2017OptimumOY, title={Optimum Oil Yield from Egyptian Jatropha Seeds Using Screw Press}, author={Said M.A. Ibrahim and K. A. Abed and Mohamed Gad and H. M. Abu Hashish}, year={2017} }

Oil expression from Jatropha seeds using a screw press

A maximum oil recovery of 73.14% was obtained when Jatropha seeds were conditioned to a dry basis (db) moisture level of 9.69% and cooked at 110 °C for 10 min. Screw press oil recovery, residual oil, pressing rate, and oil sediment content were measured at different moisture contents for uncooked and cooked seed. At optimum processing conditions, oil recovery from cooked seed was 7% higher

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The Potential of Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum L

The optimum seed moisture content to obtain high oil yield is 1.2% which yields 33.39%oil, while the optimum seed particle size to obtain high oil yield is 8.60 mm which yields 33.46% oil. The

Optimum conditions for expression of oil from Allanblackia

The oil was expressed using a manual screw press and the soxhlet apparatus was used to extract the oil using petroleum ether as the solvent. Quality parameters assessed included specific gravity

Optimum dilution ratio and water temperature for

ratio and water temperature for extracting oil from thevetia kernel was found to be 10ml to 100g weight of thevetia meal and 100°C respectively. Maximum oil yield of 35.73g (35.73%) was also obtained for the same weight of thevetia meal. The thevetia oil is dark yellow colour in nature at room temperature. Data from the experiment was analyzed statistically using Analysis of Variance and


OIL EXTRACTION USING A VERTICAL PRESS WITH PISTON 1M. IONESCU, 1GH. screw presses with one or two discharge ends, but another equipment used for this is the vertical press


Oil yield measurement was conducted using mass balance .Neem seeds kernels are placed in to a vessel and either a screw or some of form of press is used to

Optimization of Solvent Extraction of Oil from Sandbox

The optimum oil yield (63.4%) was obtained at the seed/solvent ratio, extraction temperature, and extraction time of 0.05 g/ml, 68.13ºC, and 5 h, respectively The viscosity at 30ºC, specific gravity, density, cloud point, pour point, and refractive index of the extracted oil were 4.55 mm2/s, 0.91, 910 kg/m3,5.9ºC, –1.0ºC, and 1.4683, respectively. Thus the result from this research work


Extraction of vegetable oils from ground seeds by percolation techniques 15 2. Experimental methodology For extraction, two installations were used, one of them being a personal design. The first was the Soxhlet extractor and the second is a column type extraction installation, presented in Fig. 1a. The Soxhlet extractor was used in order to establish the maximum amount of oil in the seeds

Optimization of Sesame Oil Extraction Process Conditions

The optimum conditions for sesame oil extraction by n-hexane have been studied and the results presented show that sesame seeds crushing to an average size between (8 1 mm) yield higher extraction rates. The ratios of solvent to seeds are also tested and the results conclude that with the increasing this ratio over 6:1, hexane to se-,,,,,,,

5. PALM KERNEL OIL EXTRACTION Food and Agriculture

There are three variations: direct screw-pressing, partial pre-treatment, and complete pre-treatment. Direct screw-pressing. Some mills crush the kernels directly in the presses without any pre-treatment. Double pressing usually is required to ensure efficient oil extraction. The screw-presses used normally are less than 10 tonnes per unit per day.


The highest oil yield of 24.99% was recorded at 925.84KN/m2 while the minimum oil yield of 16.18% was observed at 602.91KN/m2. Thus, more yield was obtained at higher pressure levels up to an extent, beyond this pressure level didn’t yield more oil. Keywords: Pressure, Oil expeller, Neem seed kernel, Oil Yield, Oil content. 1.0 Introduction

Effects of Temperature, Pressure, Preheating Time and

Based on the previous studies, in this research, the effects of temperature, pressure, preheating time, and pressing time on rubber seed oil yield using hydraulic press machine are investigated. Furthermore, the effects of two factor interaction between those variables are also examined. The experiment design used in this research is a 2 4 factorial design with 4 center points. 2. Materials

Screw press design pdf

Screw press design pdf Screw press type PAR265f for manufacturing aluminum forgings. screw press design calculations Represents the optimum design solution for a screw press drive in terms of. screw press design pdf Design and Development of an Efficient Screw Press Expeller for Oil. Analysis of design by ANSYS FLUENT codes. twin screw press design An oil yield in.Niels Ansø, for providing

Neem Oil Extraction Methods, Process Agri Farming

Neem seeds are placed in a tub or container and a form of press or screw is used to squeeze the seeds until the oil is pressed out. The mechanical extraction process of Neem seeds performs using hydraulic pressing equipment. Untreated seed particles to be pressed with different pressures to determine the optimum pressure. The pressure was started at 138 Bar as the oil started

Process optimization of mechanical oil expression from

Predicted optimum oil yield of 28.20% at moisture content of 11.30%, temperature of 85.57 °C, duration of 27.17 min and pressure of 19.63 MPa was obtained. Deviations between experimental and predicted values were low; and it was established that moisture content, applied pressure, heating temperature and duration influenced quantity of oil recovery from moringa seeds using expeller. Overall


Optimum oil yield obtained was 24% with 0.93% FFA content, 6.10 DOBI, 938.42 ppm carotene content and oxidative stability of 26.87 hours. Fatty acid composition (FAC) of oil extracted showed a reduction in unsaturated fatty acids as the heating duration increased. After 3 months of storage, 60 min of heating time via wet heating process was recorded the lowest increment of FFA (1.32%) and low


This study aims to determine the optimum process\ud parameters to produce vegetable oil from the seeds of the rubber by using screw press.\ud Rubber seed oil extraction is done by compression rubber seeds per 250 grams pressing.\ud Seed treatment before pressed rubber is cut to a size of 0.25 cm da heated at a\ud temperature of 70C. The observed process variables such as heating time (30;


Soybeans are relatively hard oil seeds containing less than 20% oil, hence it is hard to express the oil from soybean with a mechanical screw pre ss. The solvent extraction pro- cess, in which oil is leached from flakes using hexane, is a popular was to remove/extract oil from soybean. The solvent extraction plants are expensive and are not generally suit-able for smaller catchments in India

Gas-assisted oilseed pressing Design of and tests with a

High pressure Uniaxial Piston press for gas assisted pressing used by Voges, Eggers and Pietsch [2] Uniaxial presses – also called hydraulic presses are mainly in use for cocoa pressing, while most other oil seeds are pressed with continuous screw presses to obtain an economic throughput. The seeds are crushed, compacted and deoiled by continuous mechanical agitation and multiple

Production of Biodiesel through Transesterification of

Oil extraction from avocado seed use solvent extraction with n-hexane. Solvent extraction was chosen because it can produce oil content in the amount of 15%; compare with mechanical extraction using screw press that result no oil content in the least. Free fatty acid (FFA) level of avocado seed oil is just 1.55% (less than 2%), so it needs no

Optimization of castor seed oil extraction process using

This work focuses on the study of the oil extraction yield from castor seed using three different seed conditions: whole, minced and bare endosperm. Taguchi design was used to determine the contribution of the following parameters: seed condition, seed load in the extractor, temperature, and pressure. It was proved that it is necessary to introduce the whole seed and that the presence of the

The Potential of Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum L

The optimum seed moisture content to obtain high oil yield is 1.2% which yields 33.39%oil, while the optimum seed particle size to obtain high oil yield is 8.60 mm which yields 33.46% oil. The bigger the particle size will affect on higher oil yield. From this research, it can be concluded that the trees in Cipatujahhave potential to produce C. inophyllum oil up to 5.13 L/tree/year. C


The optimum seed moisture content to obtain high oil yield is 1.2% which yields 33.39%oil, while the optimum seed particle size to obtain high oil yield is 8.60mm which yields 33.46% oil. The bigger the particle size will affect on higher oil yield. From this research, it can be concluded that the trees in Cipatujahhave potential to produce C. inophyllum oil up to 5.13 L/tree/year. C

PAPER OPEN ACCESS Enhancing the yield and quality of

Several studies have shown that the use of screw press is more efficient than hydraulic press [7,12,13,14]. The use of expeller screw press showed that the optimum yield was obtained at screw speed of 10 rpm [13]. The highest recorded percentage of oil yield was obtained from the combination of screw shafts with

Differences in Oils from Nuts Extracted by Means ofTwo

screw press and 49 ± 1% with hydraulic press, followed by almond oils, 53 ± 2% (screw) and 30 ± 1% (hydraulic press), and pistachio oils, 40 ± 2% (screw) and 32 ± 1% (hydraulic). The oil extraction yield was higher when the screw press was used. This may be due to the increase in the temperature originated by the nuts friction inside the

best small cold oil press stainless steel made in germany

The used screw press allows a gentle cold pressing of cleaned, unpeeled seeds with a maximum residual moisture content of 8 percent. The ingredients of the starting product are almost completely preserved in this type of oil extraction. Depending on the type, purity and density of the seed used, the OW100s-inox can process up to 14 kg of pressed material per hour. The OW100s-inox is self

International Journal of ChemTech Research

fats ([23], [24]). The production of this biodiesel can be achieved through the use of a non-edible oil known as Jatropha curcas seed oil. Jatrophacurcas seeds contain 27-40% oil [25] that can be processed to produce a high-quality biodiesel fuel that is usable in a standard diesel engine, especially if the oil of the seeds is well extracted.

GROUNDNUT OIL Food and Agriculture Organization

This sheet gives a detailed overview of processing groundnut oil using a manual screw press. It is taken from the ITDG publication (The Manual Screw Press by K Potts and K Machell (ref no 7). 2.-Processing details for groundnut . 2.1.-Preparation of raw material . The best available groundnuts should be used for oil production to increase yields and reduce the risk of disease. This requires

Oilseed Crops EM 8955 • Revised December 2014 Canola

Extracting oil with mechanical screw presses (rather than solvent extraction) usually leaves 8 to 12 percent residual oil in the meal, which also provides a dietary source of energy in animal feed rations. Industry Fluctuating petroleum prices and federal government policy have increased interest in growing canola for production of biodiesel in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). With its combination


Vegetable oil is one crop that has potential as a hydrocarbon source or sources of energy in Indonesia. This study aims to determine the optimum process parameters to produce vegetable oil from the seeds of the rubber by using screw press. Rubber seed oil extraction is done by compression rubber seeds per 250 grams pressing. Seed treatment



Optimum processing parameters for coconut oil expression

The highest coconut oil yield obtained was 51.9% at optimum condition. This yield corresponds to an expression efficiency of 81.2% of the total coconut oil content, which represented 63.9% by weight of the copra (dried coconut flesh). The highest oil yield was obtained at an expression pressure of 25 MPa when samples were conditioned to an initial moisture content of 11.3% (w. b.) and heated


Comparisons of the extracted oil yield under various conditions show that at pressure 34.5 MPa and temperature 40 oc gives the highest yield of 52.58 g oil/100 g candle nut at a solubility of 0.89 g oil/100 g C02. Analysis of the oil extract using the GC and MS analysis showed that candle nut seeds contain saturated fatty acid such as palmitic acid (6.35%) and stearic acid (54.210/0), and

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed and Nutrition Profile of

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed. Pumpkin seed is a nutritious food with a high oil (50% w/w) and protein (35%) content that varies depending on cultivar (Fruhwirth and Hermetter 2007). Palmitic (≤ 15%), stearic (≤ 8%), oleic (≤ 47%), and linoleic (≤ 61%) fatty acids are the main components of the oil (Bavec et al. 2007), while albumins and globulins make up approximately 60% of the

Fat and oil processing Pressing Britannica

The modern screw press replaced many of the hydraulic presses because it is a continuous process, has greater capacity, requires less labour, and will generally remove more oil. As ground seed is fed continuously into the mechanical press, a worm screw increases the pressure progressively as the material moves through a slotted barrel. Pressures from 700 to 2,100 kilograms per square

Bioprocessing of Functional Ingredients from Flaxseed

Cold press is a gentle mechanical oil extraction by which oil is forcibly pressed from seed through the application of pressure and shear force using screw press or oil expeller . Prior to pressing, flaxseed is flaked, extruded and conditioned to remove all foreign material (dust, stone, immature seeds, etc.) to maximize operating capacity and oil recovery [ 70 ].

Solvent Extraction of Castor Beans Oil: Experimental

The maximum yield of oil extracted was 50.9, 49.0 and 59.5 % using hexane, petroleum ether and ethanol respectively as solvents and the optimum conditions were at a time of 3 h and an average particle size of 1 mm which were within the experimental domain. The model equations gave a good fit with the coefficient of determination of 0.9216, 0.9587 and 0.9005 for hexane, petroleum ether

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