50-500TPD continuous refining process
50-500TPD continuous refining process

Continuous oil refinery is designed for large scale edible oil refinery plant. The daily capacity of continuous type refining is generally over 30TPD. It carries out continuous and completely automatic refining process for highest efficiency. It has high requirements on all the basic conditions for an edible oil refining plant.

  • Degumming Stage

In the edible oil refining process, removing colloidal impurities from crude oil can be completed by physical, chemical or physicochemical methods, which is called degumming.
hydration degumming is a very important step. The amount, temperature and speed of water added with phosphoric acid are all important. Through the principle of glue flocculating when it meets water, the glue is precipitated.

  • Deacidification Stage

The stage makes use the sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to neutralize free fatty acids in the crude edible oil, during which some soap will be produced and separated from the oil. Lye not only neutralizes free fatty acids, but also neutralizes excess phosphoric acid. In the process of batch and semi-continuous edible oil refining, we use the method of precipitation to separate soap feet. But in the full continuous refining process, we use a centrifuge to separate the soap, which is more efficient.

  • Decolorization Stage

Since the crude oil contains pigment, the color of the oil will be darker. In order to improve the color of oil and obtain higher quality edible oil, we need to use media, such as activated clay, to absorb pigment, and then use vibration filter to separate the waste clay.

  • Deodorization and Dehydration Stage

The smell of the crude oil is not very good, which will affect the storage and selling price of the oil. Therefore, we usually adopt direct steam to remove the smell of the crude oil. The oil also contains 0.5% water, which is removed by the high temperature in the deodorizer.

  • Filtration Stage

After obtaining deodorant oil, we will use stainless steel precision filter (safety filter) to filter again to ensure the quality of oil.

  • Dewaxing Stage

Some vegetable oils contain wax, such as sunflower oil, corn germ oil and rice bran oil all. So, dewaxing is necessary if you want to get first grade edible oil. This stage is optional according to the user's requirements.


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