Oilseeds Cooker Machine
Oilseeds Cooker Machine

1. seed steam cooker Introduction:


YZCL210*5 Steaming Cooker is the processing equipment, with which the uncooked flaking billet is made to cooked billet by cooking after making humid. In order to meet the requirement the next pressing or leaching, the equipment could be used as softening cauldron. Oil seeds leaching culd improve the quality of flaking, and then improve the yield of oil, as well the quality of squeezd oil. Is the necessary equipment in vegetable oil seeds pre-processing for the vegetable oil plant the diameter.Oilseeds cooker is the processing equipment for put tbe embryo into mature embryo by wetting and cooking, to meet the needs of oil extraction machine. Our oilseeds cooker can also be used as softening kettle.The softening machine of oil seeds cooker machine we usually use is layer softening pot /boller. Softening machine is important section of oilseeds pretreatment and precessing production line.


2. seed steam cooker  Specifications:

  • Suitable for roasting/drying different oil materials, such as rapeseed, peanut, soybean, sesame, cottonseed, coconut, palm embryo, etc.
  • It is also used for conditioning the seeds before pressing to get the better pressing terms for oil seeds.
  • Its heatingsource is steamor conducting oil.

3. seed steam cooker  Technical Parameters:

Model YZCL210*5
Heating area 25m2
Inner diameter 2100mm
Designed pressure 0.66Mpa
Designed temperature 164C
Working pressure 0.54Mpa
Power 30kw
Height of each stage 650mm(top stage 790mm)
Height of leg 3000mm
Total height 6390mm


1.condensed oil and improve the oil yield efficiency;

2.adjust the structure of oilseeds.to prevent clogging oil line;

3.oilseeds after softening can improve the quality of flaking.and improve the oil yield efficiency.and can improve the quality of crude oil. is necessary equipment for the oil plant processing vegetable oil pretreatment.

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