Why is oil pretreatment necessary?
Why is oil pretreatment necessary?

Basic processing procedure of pretreatment: cleaning, conditioning, crushing, softening, flaking, steaming and stir frying and pre pressing. The cottonseed pretreatment also includes delinting and shelling process. Pretreatment process is the most important part for oil processing equipment, and the pre processing machinery and equipment adopts different configuration and technology according to different raw materials, yield and requirements on the final oil. Our company adopts different configuration and process in the workshop due to different oil plants, for example, rice bran needs expanding process, palm fruit needs sterilizing process and cottonseed needs delinting process.

Advantages of our oil mechanical pretreatment equipment:
1.Reduce the wear of the follow-up equipment, improve the quality of the workshop environment;
2.Increase the production of equipment, improve the oil rate to ensure the quality of the oil, cake and byproduct;
3.The lowest oil crushing rate to minimize the destruction for cake protein.
4.Suitable oil plants for pretreatment: soybean, rice bran, sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, walnut, corn, peanut, copra, castor bean, palm kernel, palm fruit, sesame seeds, and so on.

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