Sunflower Oil Refining Machine
Sunflower Oil Refining Machine

Craft Flow For Refining Workshop
crude oil → degumming&dephosphorization → deacidification  → drying → decolorization → deodorization → defatting → dewaxing → finished oil.
1.Neutralization  pot: For  acid  refining, alkali  refining  and  water  washing. 
2.Decolorization  pot: Bleach oil and remove pigment from oil. 
3.Deodorization  pot: Remove odor from oil(Made of stainless steel).
4.Heat conduction oil furnace: Provide heat energy for production,the temperature can reach 280°C.
5.Vacuum pump: Provide vacuum degree for decolorization and deodorization,up to above 755mgHg. 
6.Air compressor: Dry decolorization bleaching clay. 
7.Filter press: Filter bleaching clay.
8.Steam generator: Provide steam for deodorization & distillation

Oil Refining Plant Features
Capacity: 10-1000T/D
Bleaching clay quantitative system
Freezing filtration system     
Fatty acid recovery system     
Heat supply system(heat conduction oil boiler)     
Vacuum system

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